Is specialized in producing high quality and attractive concertregistrations, mood impressions, and promotion video´s.

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About us

ConcertoMedia has developped itself into one of the most remarkable newcomers in the Dutch medialandscape.

ConcertoMedia is specialized in producing high quality and attractive concertregistrations, mood impressions and promotion video’s. ConcertoMedia will make a custom made videoproduction for each customer. The rapidly growing customer group praised the company for it’s down to earth approach, high flexibility and the amount of involvement with productions. The customer is always right!

ConcertoMedia always thinks and is proacive with the customer, has a fresh look on modern media and is continuesly searching for alternative and new possibilites to realise and adjust unique videoproductions. ConcertoMedia is THE go to videoproducer for numerous orchestra’s, choirs, ensambles and soloists.


The way a concertregistrations works will be explained below:

A concert that will be recorded with multiple camera’s, from different perspectives. These seperate video’s will be merged together into a proffesional concert registration.

Here’s an example of a concertregistration.:


The way a report or mood impression works will be explained below:

A report is a short video of about 3 minutes where several high lights of the show is being shown, filled with interesting interview moments of musicians, participants, public, etc.

Here’s an example of a report/ mood impression:

Trailers/ Promo’s

The way a trailer or promotion video works will be explained below:

A promotion video or trailer is a short video that can be used as a commercial for, say, your next performance. You could also think about company video’s to sell your product or service.

Here’s an example of a trailer/ promotion video:


Who are we

Concerto Media consists of a team that has been working together on proffesional videoproductions for years. This expresses itself into a well matched team with a flexible, efficient and enjoyable working posture


Creative Director


Creative Director


Cameraman & editor


Cameraman & editor

Lex van Diepen

Sound mixer





Rob Nengerman

Web Developer


If you want us to create videoproduction you can contact us. The numerious steps that follow when creating a production are described below. If you have specific demands, there’s always a possibility to deviate from the standard method.

1. Application

You contact us via e-mail or phone. You tell us your wishes and you’ll receive a non-comittal price quotation.

2. Recording

A videoscript is being developped. The production will be recorded.

3. Editting

The videoproduction is being editted. If request, you could be present in this process.

4. Delivery

The videoproduction is being editted. If request, you could be present in this process.


Number of Recent Projects

ConcertoMedia is versatile, multimedial and can be used for numerous media forms. The focus in all of this is on the video. You can watch a selection of our diverse productions here:


Made to measures concert registration!

The price for producing a video depends on a number of factors. These factors can vary per production. Some examples are the amount of camera´s working hours, design elements, different kinds of equipment, or maybe location and travel expenses.

That’s why producting video’s is different for every customer, and rarely holds on to a standard solution. We try to keep the expenses as low as possible, so everyone will get the best for the lowest price. In a non-comittal concversation, ConcertoMedia can translate your wishes into a concept and realistic price speficiation.

Step 1

Contact us through the phone ( +31 06 – 12611171 ) or per email.

Step 2

Together we will discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

Step 3

Without any obligation you will reveice a quotation which includes made arrangements and additional costs.

Step 4

After approval of the quotation, a videoplan is being developped and the recording will be planned.


A selection of our customers

ConcertoMedia produces media concepts for diverse orchestra’s, choirs, organisations, and television channels.


Do you still have any questions or comments? Fill in our contact forms and we will contact you A.S.A.P:

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